WIPO Summer School

The Anglo-American University together with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organizes the first edition of the WIPO Summer School on Intellectual Property in the Czech Republic (Prague, 9 – 20 September 2019). The Summer School takes place in the AAU premises at Malá Strana.

Program Description

The program consists of lectures, case studies, simulation exercises and group discussions on selected IP topics, with an orientation towards the interface between IP and other disciplines.


You can expect to learn from local, regional and international experts in intellectual property on the following topics:

  • Copyright

○     Copyright in the Digital Age

○     Creative Industries and IP; Copyright Licensing

○     International Protection of Copyright and Related Rights

○     Selected Contemporary Issues in the Field of Copyright and Related Rights

○     Limitations and Exceptions of Copyright, including Access to Copyrighted Works for Visually Impaired Persons

  • Trademark

○     Branding – Case Studies

○     Trademarks and the Internet: Issues and Challenges

○     Selected Contemporary Issues in the Field of Trademarks

○     International and Regional Trademark Systems

  • Patent

○     International and Regional Patent Systems

○     Selected Contemporary Issues in the Field of Patents

○     The Use of Patent Information

○     Selected Cases on Patents and Biotechnology

  • Design

○     Designs Protection and its Interface with Other Intellectual Property Fields

  • Trade Secrets

○     Protection of Trade Secrets: Current Issues

  • Technology

○     Technology Transfer and Licensing

○     Internet Domain names and Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Illustration of Cases

  • Intellectual Property Management

○     Economics of IP

○     IP Management: A Practical Approach

○     IP Valuation

○     Selected Cases on Enforcement of IP rights (IPRs)

○     Simulation Exercises on Licensing Negotiations

  • WIPO and its Role in Promoting Creativity and Innovation
  • Geographical Indications: The International Landscape and Current Issues
  • Public Policy

○     IP, Green Technology and Climate Change

○     Protection of New Plant Varieties, including the UPOV Convention

○     IP and Biodiversity: International Landscape and Current Issues

○     IP and Public Health – Issues and Challenges

○     Open Innovation



Registration & Tuition Fees


This program open to graduate and postgraduate students, young professionals  and professionals from any field of study or discipline. The program is designed for candidates who wish to obtain deeper knowledge of IP.



Applications must be submitted online with résumés, letters of motivation, and copies of passports (or identity cards).

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are payable to the Anglo-American University upon notification of acceptance. They fall into the following categories:       

Students and professionals from developed countries:

  • Students: 7500 CZK (10% Early Bird Discount if Registered by 31 May)
  • Professionals: 10 000 CZK (10% Early Bird Discount if Registered by 31 May)

Students and professionals from developing countries and countries in transition and residing in those countries:

  • Students: 3000 CZK
  • Professionals: 5000 CZK      


For 5 AAU students, free scholarship for the summer school will be offered. AAU scholarship applicants must have been accepted first through the WIPO registration process. For more information on the scholarship selection process inquire at wipo@aauni.edu.


A certificate of participation from WIPO and Anglo-American University will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the program. 

Academic Credits

Inquire with Anglo-American University about the possibility of receiving academic credit inquire at wipo@aauni.edu.

Cancellation Policy

Limited seats are available and will be reserved for successful applicants on a first come, first served basis. You may cancel on or before July 15, 2019, and receive a refund of the registration fee minus a cancellation fee of 25% of the registration fee. The registration fee will not be refunded for cancellations after July 15, 2019. 

Travel arrangements

Participants are responsible for their own travel to and from Prague, Czech Republic, including visa arrangements, accommodation and living expenses during their participation in the program.

About WIPO

WIPO is the peak organization in the world for intellectual property. WIPO is one of the 15 specialized agencies of the United Nations.

About the Host of WIPO Summer School in Prague, Czech Republic

Anglo-American University is the Czech Republic’s first private university, located in the heart of Prague’s historic district and directly under Prague Castle.  Anglo-American University’s campus is an actual palace which dates back to 1696: the baroque Thurn-Taxis Palace which has been recently restored.

Faculty & staff

Anglo-American University, Prague:

Eva Rivera, Vice-President for Development and Communication

Carollann Braum, Dean of John H. Carey II. School of Law

Tereza Malá, Event & Sales Coordinator


WIPO Summer School 2019 Speakers:

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová

Kateřina Hartvichová

Enrico Bonadio

Katerina Trzaska

Ingrid Beránková

Petr Hostaš

Theo Stamatiadis

Ian Lloyd

Pietro Podda

Karel Čermák


Schedule & Classes

See the full itinerary HERE


Course Presentations 

(will be updated continuously during the duration of the course)


Monday 9th September

Introductory Presentation in the Czech IP Office, by Radka MacGregor

Tuesday 10th September

Topic 2: Expectations, Limitations and Flexibilities, by Kateřina Hartvichová

Topic 3: Patent Information and its Usefulness: A Practical Approach, by Kateřina Hartvichová

Topic 4: Patents and Biotechnology, by Kateřina Hartvichová

Wednesday 11th September

Topic 5, 6: Copyright, Exceptions, Limitations, by Enrico Bonadio

Topic 7–9, by Enrico Bonadio

Thursday 12th September

Topic 10: Trade Secrets: Issues and Best Practices, by Enrico Bonadio

Topic 11: Design protection and its Interface with other IP Areas, by Kateřina Trzaská

Topic 12: Geographical Indications in the Promotion of National Products, by Enrico Bonadio 

Topic 13: Protection of Plant Varieties, by Enrico Bonadio 

Friday 13th September

Topic 14: International Trademark Landscape, by Ingrid Beránková Ambruzová

Topic 15: Internet Domain Names and Uniform Dispute Resolution Procedures, by Petr Hostaš

Topic 16: Infringements and Abuses of Marks on the Internet: Case Study, by Radka MacGregor

Topic 17: Protection of Country Names, by Radka MacGregor

Monday 16th September

Topic 18–22, by Theo Stamatiadis

Tuesday 17th September

Topic 23: IP, Green Technology and Climate Change: Issues and Challenges, by Ian Lloyd

Topic 26: IP and Food Security: Issues and Challenges, by Ian Lloyd

Wednesday 18th September

Topic 27: IP and Competition Policy, by Pietro Podda

Topic 28: IP and Biodiversity: International Landscape and Current Issues, by Ian Lloyd

Topic 29: Intellectual Property and Physical Sciences, by Aleš Hála

100 Years of IP Office in Prague

Celebrating 100 Years of the Czech Patent Office: The Czech Patent Office, which in 1919 opened in Prague (now Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví or (UPV)) is celebrating its 100th year.  For more information, please, see this link.  In celebration, the UPV has put together a program on 19 September on the Protection of Industrial Property In Europe, including dignitaries such as Director General of WIPO, Mr. Francis Gurry.  Limited spaces to the UPV event remain and will be reserved for successful registrants.  To register, visit this link.


For any questions or inquiries, please contact us at wipo@aauni.edu.