We would like to invite you to an interactive exhibition which will take place on the AAU campus.

This exhibition is part of the project “Walking People – Chodící lidé”, and aims to change the attitudes of the general public (particularly the younger generation) towards people with disabilities by eliminating established taboos and removing communication barriers between people with and without disabilities.

Have you ever wondered about the life of disabled people and what it is like to be in their shoes?

Visit the the interactive exhibition and you can try it yourself!

You will have a chance to ride a wheelchair through barriers, perform tasks with a blindfold and a white cane, learn some useful signs from sign language and more!

You can also participate in the creative contest “Express it in your own way – Řekni to po svém” where you can win 100,000 Kč and some other interesting prizes. The winner will be announced at the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary 2016.

More information about the contest will be given during the exhibition.