AAU’s Cross-Media Art Studio lecturer, Veronika Bromová, will have an exhibition in Prague’s Fotograf Gallery. She will introduce her own work in conversation with the work of her parents, Dagmar and Pavel Brom, who were of a great inspiration for her own artistic career. The opening is on April 19th, at 6 PM.

The exhibition will last from April 20th till May 19th. The curator of this show, Mariana Serranova, introduces Veronika’s work in her following curatorial text.

Veronika Bromová was shaped by the climate of the late 1980s / early 1990s. She always admits being heavily influenced by her parents. As concerns poetics, it was mainly about the magicalness and imaginativeness tied to the visual trends of the contemporary world. On a formal level, it concerned the principle of repetition, fragmentation, layering, montage and collage. Dagmar and Pavel Brom carried the photographic medium over to the print format in the genealogical intention of xylography as was once used in reproductions primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries. They applied similar techniques to contemporary pop culture images in a refined way. Their preparatory graphic designs, clippings and final illustrations demonstrate a noteworthy kinship to the works of Veronika Bromová, who in the spirit of the family tradition works with the language of photography and its derivatives. 

The Broms were influenced by the visual style of Czech graphic design from the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to illustrations, they collaborated on accompanying graphic materials for theatrical stage design and for music publishers. Veronika Bromová was one of the key figures in the 1990s new media genre; namely, photographic post-production and the digitally-manipulated image. She made use of the technical options afforded by the end of the millennium, and did so in an innovative way, just like her parents in their day: they too achieved noteworthy results in their chosen medium of photomontage.