Take your first step into Anglo-American University and choose from our wide range of undergraduate programmes. Bachelor's degrees in journalism, business, diplomacy, or law, we will help you find the Bachelor's Program that best matches your ambitions.

Our rolling admissions policy means that you can apply to AAU at any time of the year and commence your undergraduate studies in September or February. However, we encourage especially international applicants to submit their bachelor's degree applications no later than May 30th to guarantee sufficient time for visa and travel arrangements.

How to write a personal statement

In the personal statement, you should reveal information on your academic, personal and extracurricular achievements in light of the opportunities opened you. Precise instructions are available here.

Learn more about the Schools that you’re applying to

AAU primarily specialises in liberal arts, business and law for both undergraduates and graduates. We have five Schools of Study:

For more information on the specific programs we offer please click here.

Learn how AAU selects students

The selection process for AAU is in several stages. Firstly you must choose the program which suits you best. Once this is completed you must fill out an application form, submit a series of required documents, pay an application fee, and have an interview with the dean of the school of study you applied to. Based on your performance we may offer you a place at the Anglo-American University.For full details see the AAU's Admission Policy.

I’ve already applied

Are you waiting to hear back from us regarding:

  • the submission of your application form?
  • the submission of your required documentation?
  • the results from your interview?

For all details regarding your application process, please contact our admissions specialists at: admissions@aauni.edu.