AAU’s internationally accredited programs are provided for only a fraction of the cost of similarly accredited programs around the world. As a not-for-profit institution, we are able to continually reinvest in the betterment of our community and educational models.

Tuition per Semester Total Tuition
3-Year BA Program CZK 85,0501,2 CZK 510,300
2-Year MA Program CZK 91,3501,2 CZK 365,400
MBA CZK 450,000
Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (AAU Tuition) CZK 245,000
LLB (AAU Tuition) CZK 444,000
Certificate and LLB (AAU Tuition) CZK 549,000
Postgraduate Laws LLM (AAU + UoL Tuition) CZK 450,000

1Based on 15 credits (five classes)

2Additional fees will include: CZK 4,750 Administrative fee 

For the 2020/2021 AAU Financial Policy, please click here.

For the 2018/2019 tuition and costs, please click here. 

Information for new visa seeking students

Academically qualified visa seeking students need to pay the first semester tuition and all the applicable fees in order to receive a confirmation of student status for visa purposes, i.e.:

  • CZK 81,0001,2 for bachelor students / CZK 75,000, for LL.B. students
  • CZK 87,0001,2 for master students
  • CZK 60,000 for MBA students

1Based on 15 credits (five classes)

2Additional fees will include: CZK 4,750 Administrative fee 

Student status confirmation shall be issued by the Student Services Center of the Anglo-American University only after receiving the appropriate payments in full.

Students denied a visa are obliged to inform the Student Services Center and must present the denial evidence or evidence showing that their visa cannot be granted on time in order to obtain a full refund (less banking fees and the application fee). After receiving the visa denial evidence, a refund shall be remitted to the student in 10 working days.

New students granted visas are eligible to register for classes at Anglo-American University during the registration period as it appears on the Academic Calendar. If a new student registers for less than he/she has already paid, the difference shall be transferred as credit toward the student’s next semester. If a new student registers more than the amount he/she has already paid, the student must pay the difference within tuition deadlines as they appear in the Academic Calendar.