In this presentation, professor Webel will raise issues regarding the presidency of Donald Trump, year one, including his foreign policy strategies focusing on the unending "Global War on Terror" (and North Korea), as well as domestic policy concerns such as immigration, health care, and "law and order."

Has the Trump administration helped or hindered democracy and human rights? Is it the prototype of sweeping global authoritarianism? If the latter is the case, what might concerned citizens do?

Charles P. Webel, Ph.D. is currently Professor of Peace Studies at Chapman University in California as well as Professor of International Relations at the University of New York in Prague. He has studied and taught at Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. He is a five-time Fulbright Scholar and has published 8 books, including 3 books in Peace and Conflict Studies, 3 books on Terrorism, and two books in Political Philosophy.