We cordially invite you to a guest lecture with Dr. Selin Akyüz, Research Fellow from Ihsan Dogramaci International Advanced Studies Center, Bilkent University, Turkey. Since the Syrian regime’s violent suppression of democratic protests, millions of people were forced to leave their homes and search for shelter in neighboring countries. Transformation of civil unrest into a civil war with an ever-increasing violence fueled the rise of radical Islamist groups, which in turn deepened the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

As a result of this crisis, according to UNHCR data, approximately 4.1 million refugees have fled from Syria to neighboring countries Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. On the sixth anniversary of the war, 22 protection centres accomodate approximately 233.000 out of 3.320.000 registered Syrians in Turkey. Upon this background, this research aims to analyze Syrian conundrum with a feminist perspective. It mainly explores the gendered experiences and negotiations of Syrians living in Gaziantep, a city in southeast Turkey hosting second largest number of refugees after Istanbul.

Dr. Selin Akyüz focuses on critical studies on men and masculinities, political sociology and migration. She has been part of several ethnographic research on gender equity, women empowerment, localities, and post-migratory experiences.