All are welcome to come on January 24th and enjoy the "TED (like) Talks" given by the students of the Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills for Global Managers course. Learn about health habits, social media, living abroad, the impacts of competition and more.

As a major part of the course Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills for Global Managers (MGT368/568), students present a 10–12 minute TED (like) Talk as the culmination of the course.

The learning outcomes from this exercise include selecting and developing a topic; planning and preparing a major presentation; learning how to present the message clearly and with the intended result;  learning the benefit of repeated practice,  and learning the benefits of working in “analog”  first. In fact, all the initial work on the talk is done in “analog” meaning brainstorming with pen and paper, drawing a “map” of the talk, and developing any visuals on paper first.

Support the students in their final presentations and learn about the many interesting topics listed below! 


How Competition can help Increase Risk Tolerance- Mel Loetscher (Switzerland)

The talk will explain the positives and negatives of being a part of competitive sports… And how it can help people as well as how it can increase risk tolerance.

Living Two Lives- Oleksandr Solodovnik (Ukraine)

What and How we Fake in our Social Media and Where It Leads To

Exploring the Unexplored- Lindsay Salvati (U.S.A.)  

“Exploring the Unexplored” attempts to convey the importance of living abroad at a young age. It helps one develop independence and an enhanced global perspective. Additionally, one can learn how to take risks regardless of what others might say about your ideas and decisions.

Sitting on your Couch or Desk-chair too much!? Get Up and Change your Life!- Robert Muzeski (Macedonia)            

‘Well-being‘ as health focus at first, can ultimately be attained by developing good habits. Sitting is one of the worst habits one can have, affecting one's health directly. Change this habit; you'll change your life!

The Power of Experience.- Ondrej Hampl (Czech Republic)

Getting over challenges in your life is not always easy, but with hard work, you can get success. Experience in my life with JAWA motorcycles changed my thinking.

How Social Media Empowers the Introvert- Marek (Czech Republic)

The talk will explain how social media can benefit introverts in ways we did not think possible and will focus on distinguishing between “Real- life” and “Online” introverts and extroverts. 

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