Come on December 11th and enjoy the "TED (like) Talks" given by the students of the course Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills for Global Managers. Learn about smart technologies, stress-managing, how to get the best out of home-cooking and more. Everyone is welcome!

As a major part of the course Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills for Global Managers (MGT368/568),  students present a 10–12 minute TED (like) Talk as the culmination of the course.

The learning outcomes from this exercise include selecting and developing a topic; planning and preparing a major presentation; learning how to present the message clearly and with the intended result;  learning the benefit of repeated practice,  and learning the benefits of working in “analog”  first. In fact, all the initial work on the talk is done in “analog” meaning  brainstorming with pen and paper, drawing a “map” of the talk, and developing any visuals on paper first.

Support the students in their final presentations and learn about many interesting topics as listed below!


Fall 2018 Talk Topics and Presenters:

Smart Technology: The New Antidote for Fear

presented by Makayla Staaf (USA)

Imagine the world healthier, more communicative, and just a little bit easier and that is where the world is heading thanks to smart technology.

From Stress to Success: Harness your Anxiety, Unleash your Potential

presented by Grace Herring (USA)

Anxiety is an extreme form of prolonged stress, but stress can be a helpful thing: it readies your body and can be used as fuel for a challenging task at hand. Learn the difference between eustress and distress, and what you can do to bring  your stress down to a helpful level.

Like Father, like Son: How does Fatherly Instinct Adapt for Today?

presented by Anelya Barzhukova (Kazakhstan)

Science says a lot about the motherly instinct, and the mother’s importance to a child’s development, yet in terms of fathers it still has uncertainties. From childhood on,  people carry the atmosphere of mistrust with those dads who had not participated enough in early stages of their growth. So, often people’s relationships with fathers are on average less trusting. Are men deprived by nature of parental feelings or is it a myth?

How a Food Truck Changed My Competitive Spirit: From Competition to Collaboration

presented by Ye Seul Kim  (South Korea)

Running a food truck in Los Angeles was quite a rare experience that not many students are able to go through. This experience allowed me to have a change in my view of competition and showed me the importance of collaboration.

How Labels Restrict Our View of the World

Presented by Chloe Pace (USA)

We subconsciously use labels every day. These labels have caused us to create a world of black and white. When we become aware of the strength behind these restrictive words, we can shift our mindset and language, allowing us to view the world in the spectrum that it truly is.

Food for Mood: The Benefits of Home-Cooking

presented by Polina Nozdrina  (Czech Republic)

We all enjoy food! But are we always aware of what we put into our bodies? Learn about the power of home-cooking, how it improves our lives, and the differences between eating in and eating out.