Join us on Tuesday, May 2 at 5:30 PM in the courtyard, where we will be holding our next Faculty Development Session entitled “Talking About Our Research: Student/Faculty Cooperation, How To Do It, The Pros And Cons”.

Eva Eckert, Paula Kalfirtova and Martin Mareš will talk about their experiences working together on their project “Media power and Czech students' attitudes to the Roma” and the benefits of their collaboration.

In June 2016 Eva and her colleague collected data on student attitudes towards the Roma at a Prague high school. The data were somewhat unexpected and needed to be explained. Since the topic fit into Language and Power that Eva taught in Fall 2016 she enlisted students' help. They not only organized the data statistically and identified recurring themes and contradictions in student interviews and stories but also searched through printed and online media to document how the news affects our minds as we form opinions about the others. So, the talk will discuss this direct link between the media mediating how we, the users and consumers, form opinions and attitudes, establish relationships and set up our social networks.

In addition, Jiří Kašný will talk about his work on a recent book draft and how it got accepted by the prestigious publisher Vyšehrad.

We hope to see you all there!