Seth Rogoff, a lecturer for the School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts, has published a review of a new book by author David Vaughan.

obrázek David Vaughan, M.A. teaches the History of Electronic Media at AAU'S School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts. He is also a renowned broadcaster, journalist and published author. His recently published novel, Hear My Voice which was originally written in Czech, is now available in English and explores the lead up to World War II. Vaughan officially launched the book in September 2018 on the 80th anniversary of the signing of the infamous Munich agreement. 

Fellow published author, Seth Rogoff also teaches at AAU within the School of Journalism and the School of Humanities covering the topics of media and history. Recently Rogoff published a detailed review of Hear My Voice stating that the story „moves over well-traveled historical ground“ but does so from an interesting perspective. Rogoff further claims that the book "demonstrates the significance of reflecting on the year 1938.“

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Publication date: June 14, 2019