Modern Hebrew: Language & Culture, “Hebrew I” is an introductory course that offers the basics of Modern Hebrew to students that do not have any previous knowledge of the language.

After mastering the Hebrew script both in its printed and hand-written form, students will start developing their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Emphasis will be put on immediate verbal practice of learned grammar and vocabulary and its use within dynamic interaction in the class. While practicing reading and listening skills with authentic materials, students will be introduced to contemporary Israeli society and culture with its current topics and issues.

Although Modern Hebrew itself is a relatively young language, it draws on Biblical Hebrew in many aspects. Throughout the course references will be made to the influence of Biblical Hebrew on its modern newborn version and to linguistic shifts between the two forms. This extra knowledge will help students unveil Hebrew as an immensely rich, compact, well-structured and logical language that is worth deep exploration.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • read vocalised as well as unvocalised texts in basic Hebrew, understand texts and dialogues dealing with basic topics of everyday life (family, leisure time, food, personal experiences, etc.),
  • use written form of Hebrew script confidently and write short essays on the topics discussed in the lessons,
  • demonstrate basic listening and speaking skills while interacting in everyday situations (greetings, requests, orientation, travelling, shopping); carry out basic conversations on topics discussed in the class,
  • demonstrate basic knowledge of Hebrew grammatical structures; be familiar with basic rules of Hebrew verb system, conjugate active verbs in the present tense.


Course code: HEB 100

Day and time
Spring 2016 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30–11:00)