At Anglo-American University, we have a long history of providing our students with accessible and comprehensive financial assistance.

Through a series of financial incentives, you can better manage your tuition costs, helping keep a distinguished education affordable.

For those students who produce exceptional work we have an accessible and comprehensive scholarship program. Based on their AAU grade point average (GPA), this merit-based program awards students with scholarships that cover either 50% or 100% of their tuition costs.

Financial aid is also available in the form of manageable installments of tuition, as well as the opportunity to work at AAU while you study.

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Merit-Based Scholarship

A Merit-Based Scholarship is awarded to a student for excellent study results, fulfilling conditions set forth by the President and published in the Scholarship Policy.

Every term, AAU will disburse on the Merit Based Scholarship 5.0% of tuition revenues to be collected from degree seeking students in the given term (MBS fund). The MBS applies to AAU tuition. It does not apply to AAU fees and University of London tuition and fees.

AAU degree programs

The Merit Based Scholarship (MBS) can only be awarded to degree seeking students in AAU degree programs who completed at least 5 courses for credit during their previous active semester at AAU and have no “Incomplete.” Out of the 5 courses at least 4 had to be taken in the previous obligatory term (i.e. Spring or Fall term). The MBS will be awarded at the beginning of every active term, using the actual cumulative GPA.

LLB and Certificate programmes

MBS can only be awarded to LLB and Certificate students who completed 4 year-long courses (or equivalent combination of semester and year-long courses) for credit during their previous active academic year at AAU. The MBS will be awarded for the whole academic year at its beginning and applies to all courses taken in the given academic year.

Conditions Scholarship level
Students with GPA > 3.9 or UK numerical GA > 68 100% off tuition
Top students according to their cumulative GPA (or equivalent numerical GA) not eligible for 100% scholarship as long as scholarship funds are available. In the event of the same GPA (GA) students are ranked according to the number of credits earned at AAU (the more credits the higher rank). If the last rank allowing for MBS eligibility is tied, all students in the tied rank are awarded scholarship even if the disbursed amount exceeds the MBS fund. 50% off tuition

Alumni Scholarship

Anglo-American University offers scholarships to graduates of any programs of Anglo-American University, Anglo-American College, The New Anglo-American College in Prague, and Anglo-American Institute of Liberal Studies. Alumni scholarships apply to any further programs of study as well as to any individual courses. Alumni Scholarships apply to the first year of study only and is based on your previous cumulative GPA at AAU.

All Alumni (except MBA)

Cumulative GPA Scholarship Level
3.8 and higher 40%
3.5 - 3.79 30%
3.0 - 3.40 20%

Journalism Scholarship

Anglo-American University rewards the most committed students of the BA Journalism program for their contributions to the AAU student newspaper Lennon Wall.

For each academic year, the scholarship covers the tuition of the program’s 4 (four) core courses, including but not limited to: Reporting I & II, Media in a Democracy, Digital Tools for New Media, Visual Culture, Popular Culture & Media Theory.

After being awarded the scholarship, the student(s) automatically become a member of the editorial team and continue to contribute to the magazine for the following academic year. The scholarship may be divided among more than one student based on their contribution in the past and future.

Candidates for The Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship must be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the degree program’s required courses Reporting I and Reporting II. In terms of contribution to the student magazine named Lennon Wall (both print and online), candidates are identified most importantly by:

  • their quality of writing articles
  • other contributions such as management, photography, proofreading, graphic design, social media, and website
  • Winners of the scholarship should not have significant internship/job responsibilities with other outside or on-campus organizations, because of the time commitment required for Lennon Wall responsibilities. Especially, to avoid conflict of interest, winners should not also be interning for or employed by the AAU Marketing Department.

    The scholarship must be applied for in writing and submitted to Tony Ozuna, the Dean of the School of Journalism by June 1st of the relevant academic year. The winner(s) are chosen by the Dean, the current Editor-in-Chief, and Journalism faculty, including the lecturers for the required Introduction to Reporting classes.

    Alumni MBA Scholarship

    Anglo-American University offers annually 4 Alumni Scholarships in the amount of CZK 100 000 to alumni who wish to enter our MBA program. Selection is based on the GPA from their studies at AAU solely. The scholarship must be applied for in writing to the Dean of the School of Business Administration during the admissions process.

    MBA students are not eligible for any other scholarships offered for AAU students.

    MA Fellowship

    General information

    Effective from June 18, 2020, openings of new MA Fellowships are temporarily suspended until January 2021. The current students with MA Fellowships already awarded continue in a usual Fellowship regime.

    MA fellowships are offered to the top BA graduates from all AAU schools. Each fellowship is awarded for tuition for 60 attempted US credits in MA programs provided by AAU. The fellowship does not cover fees related to the program. The fellowship is available for graduates up to one year after graduation. Students on fellowship are required to provide up to ten hours of assistance to AAU weekly, mainly focused on research.

    Changes in the process valid as of June 1, 2018:

    • Eligible graduates can now be graduates of all AAU schools. Also, cross-applications are newly possible (for example, graduate of BA program at School of Business Administration can apply for a Fellowship at MA program of School of International Relations and Diplomacy).
    • Content of the fellowship is focused more towards research, thus linking applicant´s intention with the research of our Faculty is welcome. More general overview of AAU research areas can be found here and specific works of Faculty here.
    • To keep the scholarship eligibility, the students must keep their overall GPA at 3.0 or above and provide the required research and other academic assistance according to the written agreement and to the satisfaction of the Director for Research.


    To apply for an MA Fellowship, graduates must submit their CV, Transcript from their BA studies, an essay specifying their objectives in the MA studies and assistantship. Application should be sent via e-mail to Director for Research, Peter Bolcha. Deadline for applications is August 1 of each year.

    Application essay (1.800-3.600 characters including spaces) should contain information about the applicant´s research intentions (research interests, why they are of interest to applicant and why should be of interest to AAU, plan for further studies, projects currently working on or in the future) or/and more general academic plans. Also information how would MA Fellowship help to pursue these aims as well as how the applicant would add value to the university.

    Accommodation Scholarship

    The Accommodation Scholarship is granted by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (hereinafter Ministry). It may be awarded to students who fulfill the following conditions:

    • study in a program accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports;
    • study in their first degree program in the Czech Republic or transferred to AAU from a program studied in the Czech Republic and their previous study was recognized; if they simultaneously study at another program in the Czech Republic, they are eligible for accommodation scholarship in the program in which they enrolled earlier;
    • did not exceed the standard period of study of 3 years for BA programs, and 2 years for MA programs; (d) do not have permanent residence in the capital city of Prague.

    The scholarship will be awarded separately each year for the period of:

    • January - June
    • September - December

    Should a student terminate or interrupt the study, the scholarship will not be paid for the month(s) following the date of termination/interruption. The scholarship can be paid as a lump sum in cash, or counted as a tuition credit for future studies. The amount is CZK 540 per month.

    Every semester, the Student Services Specialists will send out emails to students reminding them to apply for the scholarship. Students can fill out the form enclosed with the email and confirm that they fulfill all the requirements set forth by the Ministry and AAU. If a student is found eligible for the scholarship, he/she will be notified via email by the end of the semester at the latest.

    Calendar of Payments

    Would you like to pay your tuition in gradual installments? We provide manageable financial plans to current degree-seekers helping you feel more secure as you pursue your higher education. For more details regarding your payment options, please contact our bursar at:

    Study Assistance

    Now you have the opportunity to subsidize your tuition costs by working for AAU, improving your professional and interpersonal skills by getting to know more of the people who make AAU what it is. Currently our study assistance students work in many areas including; the library, the marketing department, media production, the Cafe Des Taxis, as well as promoting and running extracurricular activities and clubs. If you have any questions about study assistance or have any ideas as to where you would like to work, please contact

    Bring a Friend

    Bring a Friend discount!

    Get USD 500 for every full-time* degree-seeking student who has not previously studied at AAU, and enrolls upon your recommendation. The amount can be used to finance your studies at AAU or to purchase anything you wish from Amazon or another online retailer of your choice (we are still finalizing the offer).

    To receive the gift, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

    1. You have completed at least one semester at AAU

    2. The recommended student must include your full name and student ID in the "Recruiter" or "How did you hear about AAU" sections of the Application Form

    After the end of the Add/Drop Period, for which the recommended friend is registered**, you will choose if you want to have the amount of the gift applied to your tuition payment or get a voucher.

    * If a recommended student registers for less than five classes the amount will be reduced by USD 100 for every class dropped.

    ** If a recommended student is enrolled in MBA program, you receive the discount only after his/her successful completion of four MBA classes.

    To find out more, contact the bursar at

    How to write a personal statement

    In the personal statement, you should reveal information on your academic, personal and extracurricular achievements in light of the opportunities opened you. Precise instructions are available here.

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    AAU primarily specialises in liberal arts, business and law for both undergraduates and graduates. We have five Schools of Study:

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    Learn how AAU selects students

    The selection process for AAU is in several stages. Firstly you must choose the program which suits you best. Once this is completed you must fill out an application form, submit a series of required documents, pay an application fee, and have an interview with the dean of the school of study you applied to. Based on your performance we may offer you a place at the Anglo-American University.For full details see the AAU's Admission Policy.

    I’ve already applied

    Are you waiting to hear back from us regarding:

    • the submission of your application form?
    • the submission of your required documentation?
    • the results from your interview?

    For all details regarding your application process, please contact our admissions specialists at: