We are pleased to invite you to an evening devoted to Sancta Familia, a book that brings back the lost world of pre-war Prague.

The book was written at the end of 1938 by the teenage brothers, Martin and Tomáš Wels, just a few months before their world was torn apart by war and occupation. It offers a beautiful, humorous and in retrospect deeply moving portrait of the daily life of a Prague Jewish family in the 1930s. David Vaughan introduces the book, which will be published next year for the first time – in a trilingual English, Czech and German edition, including Martin Wels’ wonderfully lively illustrations.

David Vaughan is a broadcaster, journalist and lecturer for AAU's School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts, and Prague College. He is author of the study Battle for the Airwaves (2008) on the role of the media in the run-up to WWII. His documentary novel Hear My Voice (Radioservis 2014, Jantar 2019) was awarded the Czech Book readers’ prize in 2015.

Please join us for this unforgettable literary event in partnership with Den Poezie.