Research and Creative Coffees is a series of events aimed to be a platform for discussions about publications, projects and working papers of AAU Faculty as well as AAU students.

 In the 2019 Spring semester we have 4 events planned, always on Friday starting at 9.30am on the following dates: 

  • February 15 
  • March 15 
  • April 25
  • May 10 

The first event this semester is planned for February 15, starting at 9.30am in Room 1.33 and will be devoted to the research paper:

  • Business as Usual: When Business Facilitates Wars by Gabriele Meissner, MBA, Senior Lecturer, Anglo-American University

Please register HERE. (Only registered participants will receive the full paper.)


Business as Usual: When Business Facilitates Wars

Gabriele Meissner, MBA, Senior Lecturer, Anglo-American University

The trade wars initiated by the Trump administration raise concerns about the increasing threat of real conventional wars. Business interests are in jeopardy, and this poses questions about how business practices might even facilitate wars and what exactly is the business of war. The article based on broad interdisciplinary research explores the conduct of business leaders and their organizations in times of crisis. Several contemporary and historical cases are discussed in which business leaders had the chance to intervene but chose not to. The case of today’s mostly asymmetric “new wars” is put in perspective to the threats from corruption networks, illicit money flow into tax havens, rising inequality, and cyber-attacks. The blurry boundaries between new asymmetric wars and trade/cyber wars and the position many businesses take is outlined. There is proof that current attacks aim at the destruction and destabilization of state systems, our core beliefs in freedom and democracy, in rule of law and human rights. Business, especially global organizations and their leaders need to be aware of their responsibility in global environments and need to play a major role in stabilizing democracies. They should do so even if it might mean to drop profitable markets or deals.