Research and Creative Coffees is a series of events aimed to be a platform for discussions about publications, projects and working papers of AAU Faculty as well as AAU students.

The upcoming event planned for October 4th, starting at 9.30 am in Room 1.33 will be devoted to the research paper:  „Establishing the British Council in the Arab Gulf, 1952–5: The Role of Culture in UK-Gulf Relations“, by Gerald Power.

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Abstract of the paper:
 Establishing the British Council in the Arab Gulf, 1952–5: The Role of Culture in UK-Gulf Relations"

This paper explores the role of culture within British policy in the Arab Gulf in the 1950s through an examination of the efforts made at establishing a British Council representation in Kuwait City. The discussion is comprised of three main sections. First, it outlines the rationale for setting up the British Council in the Gulf, emphasising in particular British concerns with the pace of social change and the spread of anti-West ideologies in the region. Second, it describes the crystallisation of the British Council’s mission in the Gulf, showing how the task of fostering the goodwill of prominent personalities was viewed as being as important as the provision of educational services and a portal to British culture to Gulf residents. Finally, it examines the arduous process of opening a permanent Council representation in the Gulf, identifying the problems of local indifference and hostility, as well as financial restrictions in London, which had to be surmounted. From different perspectives, each section illustrates the urgency with which both the British Council and the Foreign Office viewed social developments in the Gulf, and the possibly overly optimistic expectations that culture, by way of a modest British Council presence, could improve Britain’s reputation there.