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Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Louis C.K. Ben Affleck. Dustin Hoffman… and what about Woody Allen and Roman Polanski? 120 names and the list is running: the flood of sexual-assault allegations in Hollywood has not abated and has since spread across countries and areas. Actress Alyssa Milano made #MeToo go viral, but across the globe, women (as well as several men) have used the hashtag to share their own experiences of rape, assault, and harassment.

The phrase “me too” could release survivors from the shame they felt and serve to empower them, especially in minority communities. And as the below quotation by Angela Davis from over 30 years ago suggests, the issue is nothing new. What is the current discussion about? What are we saying about violence against women? What is the balance sheet of #MeToo globally? And in Central and Eastern Europe? Is there real progress? What about the backlash? Has #MeToo gone too far, or not far enough? Come discuss these questions and ask your own.

The lead professor will be George Hays II., Ph. D., Chair of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy.

„After ages of silence, suffering and misplaced guilt, sexual assault is explosively emerging as one of the telling dysfunctions of present-day capitalist society. The rising public concern about rape in the United States has inspired countless numbers of women to divulge their past encounters with actual or would-be assailants. As a result, an awesome fact has come to light: appallingly few women can claim that they have not been victims, at one time in their lives, of either attempted or accomplished sexual attacks.“ 

Angela Davis, Women, Race & Class