On April 18th and 19th, Anglo American University, Prague, is hosting two events on behalf of the recent publication of Ivan Martin Jirous' book of poetry, translated by Marek Tomin, and published by Divus, “My itinerary has been monotonous for quite a while”.

The evening on April 19, belongs to “POETS IN THE PUB” – a night of open mic poetry reading dedicated to the works of Ivan Martin Jirous - MAGOR!

The translator, Marek Tomin will begin the evening by reading selected poems from the new book, then everyone is welcome to read the poetry of Ivan Martin Jirous in English translation or in the Czech original. Readers will be rewarded with a complementary beer in honor of MAGOR, who was an indefatigable drinker of Czech beer. Later in the evening poets in the audience are invited to share their works for an evening of open mic reading.

This event is co-hosted by SOUND BRICKS, the AAU student radio station with moderator and after-reading beats by DJ Jan Tompkins. If tech allows, it may also be broadcast live.

The Jirous book was initiated and commissioned by the Czech Centre in London, under the directorship of Tereza Porybna, with a launch for the publication in December 2017, in London. It was part of a series related to the 40th Anniversary of Charter 77 in 2017. These two events combined at AAU serve as an informal book launch in Prague.

This second event will be held at the AAU main campus in Cafe des Taxis, Letenska 5.