For your convenience, AAU offers three various online payment options. You may choose which method suits you best from the options below.

Online Payment

Western Union

Pay using GlobalPay Online Platform for Students

Applicants paying the application fee using the Western Union GlobalPay Online Platform should fill out the student ID section with ‚XXXXX‘ as no student ID is yet provided at the time of payment.

You can find more information about this method of payment in Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay for Students User Guide. 


AAU accepts online payments through PayPal. Clicking the Pay Now button below will forward you to a secure page where you can make the transaction. 

Select the amount you want to pay and click the button below to get started!

Application Fee

AAU Bank Details

Name of bank Raiffeisen Bank
Address Vodičkova 38
Prague 1
Czech Republic
Post code 111 21
Name of Account Anglo-americká vysoká škola
Variable symbol Student's ID
Swift code RZBCCZPP
CZK Account
Account number 1031009862/5500
IBAN CZ7355000000001031009862
USD Account
Account number 1021015222/5500
IBAN CZ9255000000001021015222
EUR Account
Account number 1031012308/5500
IBAN CZ8855000000001031012308