On Thursday, April 5th at 18:00, Anglo-American University’s School of Business Administration and Chapman University invites all who are interested to the next MBA Open Lecture: Unlocking Success with Strategic Planning. The lecture will be hosted by PhDr. Michal Čakrt who has 30 years of experience of working with and applying strategic theory in both academia and business management consulting

About the topic:  Strategic management is about tactfully streamlining decisions in a hostile environment full of able competitors. It is often defined as creating a unique market position, making trade-offs by choosing what not to do, and creating fit by aligning company activities with one another into a structure that supports the chosen strategy. It involves analyzing not just why to take choices, by also understanding why not to.

This case-based interactive session will provide an opportunity for out-of-the-box strategic thinking and decision making. MBA applicants will get the flavor of the dominant method of instruction in the program, current students will be better prepared for the upcoming capstone course, and AAU alumni can enjoy the wonderful classroom atmosphere they now miss so much.

About the lecturer: PhDr. Michal Čakrt is currently affiliated with the Swiss Business School in Zurich. Previously, he taught at the University of California, Irvine, and Czech Management Center, mostly in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Leadership or Strategic Organizational Design with an education from Charles University, University of California and Harvard University. His professional background includes working for Korn Ferry or Deloitte. PhDr. Čakrt is also an author of six books both for managers and general public in addition to publishing numerous articles.

We recommend this event to:
• Students interested in our MBA program
• Marketing managers and specialists
• Business / sales managers
• Business owners
• Brand developers
• Strategic marketers

The MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, in room no. 2.07. Please register via Facebook or e-mail at mba@aauni.edu. Light refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you.