On Thursday, January 22nd the next MBA Open Lecture will be hosted by Ing. Petr Ševčík MBA, a manager with 25 years’ experience covering tenures at local businesses as well as international giants.

About the Topic: Petr Ševčík will present and discuss the following:
 – Purpose of a company and shareholders' value concepts
 – Principal, Agent, Customer: their interests, needs and wants
 – Employee engagement as a key element 
 – Traps in delivering value
 – How to align the parties around one mission

obrázek About the lecturer: Petr Ševčík is a manager specialized in change management, performance improvement, and business growth. He focuses on companies with unutilized growth potential and problems preventing them from growing. Petr (co-)led strategic change initiatives at companies such as Akzo Nobel, Makro Cash & Carry or Oskar (Vodafone).

We recommend this event to:
• Students interested in the Chapman MBA program
• Business students 
• Current and future managers 
• Business owners
• Investors in companies

The MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, in room no. 2.07. Light refreshments will be provided. Please register at mba@aauni.edu. We look forward to seeing you!