Anglo-American University’s School of Business Administration and Chapman University invite all who are interested to an MBA Open Lecture: "Can misunderstandings be fertile? How an anthropological approach can help you understanding cultural differences.” The lecture will be hosted by Emmanuelle Sauvage, Ph.D., a visiting professor from IAE Bordeaux, France.

Topic: During the lecture, Prof. Emmanuelle Sauvage will give an insight on how an anthropological approach can leverage some deeply rooted logic that escape our common understanding of cultural differences. Cross-cultural management research usually postulates that mutual expectations must be clearly assessed and that it is necessary for people from different cultural areas to share a common vision in order to efficiently collaborate. This lecture/discussion, based on Dr. Sauvage’s work, examines the link between intercultural understanding and relational efficiency by studying a “happy” and successful Franco-Latino-American case. It challenges the above-mentioned postulate and reveals that relational efficiency relies upon compatible positive understandings of the same situation rather than upon similar understandings, hence the notion of productive misunderstandings.

obrázek About the Speaker: Although born in Paris, Emmanuelle Sauvage grew up in a multicultural family environment made of a Spanish-speaking Algerian-born mother and an Anglo-Saxon-influenced father. Her globe-trotter parents made her develop a great sense and appetite for travels and discoveries of countries and cultures. This naturally led her to embrace a multilingual professional activity – namely French-English-Spanish simultaneous conference interpreter –a profession she practiced for several years within international institutions (UNESCO, European Parliament) and MNCs before starting an academic-oriented career. She developed a great interestfor the understanding of intercultural synergies based on her own experience and observation of hundreds of international situations. Her main focus and researchis related to cross-cultural encounters and the dynamics of human interaction within international environments or projects, particularly highlighting the concept of “positive misunderstandings”. She is also interested in the linguistic dimension and hidden prints left by culture on language. So far her work is dedicated to Latin-American countries (Peru, Ecuador). She is now a lecturer in International Management in IAE Bordeaux, and she has also been teaching Cross-Cultural Management for several years within universities (University of Évry, Université Paris-Dauphine), institutions (French National Air Force, Aerospace Higher Education School) and Business Schools (HEC, EM Normandy), in France, China, and the USA.

Emmanuelle Sauvage holds a PhD in International Management from Paris-Ouest Nanterre University, a Master degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Master degree in International Relations both from Strasbourg University. She is the author of some book chapters and international conferences papers.

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The MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, in room no. 2.07. Please register at Light refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!