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Your support for Anglo-American University contributes to the institution’s vision to strive towards becoming a leader in academic innovation, quality, and societal excellence. As a non-profit institution, AAU will greatly benefit from your support.

Thank you for making a difference.

Support What Matters to you Most

As a donor you may help us by supporting programs or areas which you think are the most important and specify how you would like your funds to be used. Those specified areas receive direct benefits from your gifts, and you gain the opportunity to be remembered as a generous contributor to our university.

AAU has a diverse range of existing scholarships to which you may contribute. You may also create a new scholarship bearing, if you wish, your name or that of your company or institution. It is also possible to support not only the complex development of the university’s campus, but also professorships, chairships, deanships, or programs in the area of your preference. A wide range of naming opportunities exists not only for academic positions and programs, but also for classrooms, lounges, special campus areas, or even whole buildings.

Donations without purpose will be automatically given towards stipends for academically outstanding students.

Support the Students

Scholarships can make all the difference to someone who may not otherwise have access to an education. Your gift can change a student's life and allow them to pursue their dreams and enrich their academic experience.

You may create and, if you wish, name your own scholarship in a way that means most to you, or you may support any of our existing scholarships.

An Example of Past Support:

In the 2013/2014 academic year, Prague Freedom Foundation generously supported students of our School of Journalism by sponsoring a journalism exchange program, Modern Media and Democracy, and thus providing the opportunity of a lifetime to twenty students from Kent State University in the United States and the Anglo-American University in the Czech Republic. These talented students became investigative journalists and experienced what it is like to be a journalist in a foreign country.

Support the Schools, Programs or Faculty

Support for the schools and programs at the Anglo-American University as well as its faculty can contribute to lectures and conferences that bring noted personalities such as scholars, diplomats, and leaders from various fields to the campus. Donations in this area also provide support in creating academic positions, internship programs, international exchanges, and other academic opportunities. Simply choose a specific school and/or program you would like to support and your contribution will help us work towards enhancing the quality of your preferred choice.

Your support for the faculty helps us to recruit, maintain, and support outstanding faculty members. It also allows AAU to support research, faculty publications, and innovation in teaching. Naming and endowment opportunities are available for various faculty positions such as chairships, deanships, and professorships.

Your gift can turn an aspiration into a reality.

An Example of Past Support:

The generous support of Rob Carey, who contributed funds to support academic excellence in AAU’s law programs, led to the naming of the law school in honor of his late brother. The school is now known as the John H. Carey II School of Law.

Support the Campus

Your support for the campus contributes to the development and expansion of our institution, and to technology upgrades in classrooms. By making a donation to the campus you may choose from a wide variety of naming opportunities, including classrooms, lounges, and other existing university facilities including entire buildings.

An Example of Past Support:

Select AAU classrooms currently bear the names of some of our donors. For example, the kind donation of Ms. Olga Rühle to equip a classroom led to the naming of that classroom in her honor.

Support the Library

The Anglo-American University Library has always been a destination for students, scholars, and visitors from all over the world. Giving to the AAU Library can make a long-lasting and far-reaching gift which can help us support and strengthen our collections and build a better environment for our students.

You may donate books and obtain a library record with your name, both in the online catalog and in the hard copy of the book.

By giving a larger amount of books or a financial contribution, you can establish a Named Collection, which is a great way to create a legacy. You may choose the name of the collection and also which programs you would like us to expand.

An Example of Past Support

The AAU library has long benefited from the generosity and enduring support and interest of our friends. Their gifts enhance our library collection and help us provide valuable resources for all our users. It is our pleasure to thank and mention our donors' names here.

Support AAU with Dobromat

You can now support AAU with Dobromat when shopping online – just pick an e-shop you are using and select to support AAU. You pay the same and AAU uses the money from Dobromat to offer scholarships for students.

Why Giving Matters

Graduates of Anglo-American University are prepared to take on regional and international challenges in the globalized world. Working towards making a positive global impact can be expensive. Your gift, no matter the amount, can make all of the difference.

Contributions such as yours are critical towards working to fulfill, maintain and enhance AAU’s values based upon its commitment to academic excellence and quality teaching in a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Donations also contribute to the strengthening of current academic programs, development of new study opportunities, and recruitment and maintenance of exceptional faculty.

Every gift counts.

How to donate?

If you would like to support Anglo-American University, please contact Ms. Veronika Votipkova at, Office of the President.

Your questions will be answered by the President, Petr Jan Pajas, MSc., who will be happy to personally assist and guide you through the process.

A contract of donation and a certificate for tax deduction shall be issued for each present.