Visual Art Studies lecturers Daniel Vlček and Jana Babincova both opened individual exhibitions in the Czech Republic this past weekend.

Both Vlček and Babincova are teaching the course SOUND & VISION–Studio Art in Practice this Spring semester held at one of Prague's most contemporary art spaces, Meet Factory. When they're not lecturing our students they are busy pursuing their own artistic endeavors. 

Daniel Vlček is now exhibiting at Drdova Gallery in Prague. His latest visual work paraphrases of sound phenomena, whether they are painted on canvases, scratched into walls or have the form of audiovisual installations, thus include residues of the soiled psychedelia of techno aesthetics as well as allusions to modernist transcriptions of sound into image. More information HERE. 

Jana Babincova is now exhibiting at Gallerie Sam83 in Česká Bříza near Plzen, Czech Republic. Her exhibition highlights geometry in a romantic way in the form of prayer encoded into color patches. More information HERE. 

To learn more about AAU's School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts Program visit their webpage HERE. 



Publication date: March 13, 2019