The students of JRN 259- News Video Production and Editing summer course have finished their final projects.

Each team was assigned to chose a Prague-based story topic, then shoot, write and edit a short, hard news or news feature video using universally practiced local and network news guidelines. You can view the student projects below. 

TEAM ONE:  Trdelnik – the not so traditional Czech chimney cake sold everywhere a tourist will buy it.

Produced by: Luke Scott Fernandez, Kristyna Jandova, Vannevar (Vanny)Charleson

TEAM TWO:  Gastronomic Festival – a wide ranging food, culinary and business development festival presented annually by Apetit Magazine in Prague.

Produced by: Temir Asanov and Dariia Sydygalieva

TEAM THREE:  Save the Environment – a warning about environmental disaster and multiple species extinction and how international groups like Extinction Rebellion – including the chapter in Prague -  are trying to stop it.

Produced by: Anelya Kadyrova and Heng Peng

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Publication date: July 09, 2019