Do human rights have anything to do with businesses? Can businesses commit human rights violations? What happens if and when they do? Does GDPR in Europe have any human rights implications? What requirements do Czech businesses have regarding discrimination? How are Chinese companies in Zimbabwe held accountable for human rights violations?

Speakers from the United States and Europe will discuss these issues and challenge the audience to think dynamically about the role of businesses in human rights.

Speakers are: 

  • Dr. Rowland Brucken, Norwich University and Amnesty International USA's expert on Zimbabwe, 
  • Berda Tural, specializing in European Court of Human Rights case law, 
  • Business instructor, Gabriele Meissner, 
  • Law instructors, Zuzana Fellegi, Simon Vlcek, and Carollann Braum.

The event will be held in 2.07 from 18:30, all interested guests are welcome to attend.