Following the 2019 Interdisciplinary Human Rights Conference Visual Arts Lecturer, Alena Foustková's project "Dictionary" is on display in the AAU Student Lounge.

The installation consists of words originally selected by the author from a comprehensive Czech dictionary and their consequent translations to other languages. The words on one side have a positive meaning in relation to mutual tolerance, while the words on the other side have a negative meaning.

Students and the AAU community alike are encouraged to participate by following the simple directions displayed at the site of the installation, „Take one word you want to be. Take one word you don’t want to be.“

obrázek obrázek obrázek

Previous exhibitions of the Dictionary:

Předešlé výstavy Slovníku: 2016 Hatefree Art, DOX, Prague / Praha, CZ Fear of the Unknown / Strach z neznámého, Kunsthalle, Bratislava, SK Der Spiegel der Anderen / Mirror of Alterity, Berlin / Berlín, DE 2015 Days of Canada / Dny Kanady, Municipal Library / Městská knihovna, Prague / Praha, CZ 

Publication date: March 14, 2019