All are invited to a guest lecture given by Brian M. Goss, Ph.D. from the Department of Communication faculty at Saint Louis University-Madrid

Goss is a specialist/researcher in Politics and Media (Propaganda Model, Critical Studies of Journalism, New Media, Audience, Theory of Ideology), and in Film (International Cinemas, and Auteurism) and the author of two books with another in preparation for 2019–
  • Dissed Information: Beyond Fake News and the Rise of Weaponized Flak. (In preparation, contracted for completion in 2019). 
  • Rebooting the Herman & Chomsky Propaganda Model in the Twenty-First Century. New York: Peter Lang. (2013) 
  • Global Auteurs: Politics in the Films of Almodóvar, Winterbottom and Von Trier. New York: Peter Lang. (2009)
For his Public Lecture at AAU, Goss will give a background on the Propaganda Model by Herman & Chomsky, and then foreground the flak element of it by talking about Project Veritas, an infamous flak mill which Goss has written about previously. He will be discussing what students should not be doing as a practicing journalist in these contexts. 
The lecture will be held in room 2.07, March 13th, from 14:45–16:15/16:30 at Letenska 5. We hope to see you there!

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