AAU's Curatorship lecturer, Piotr Sikora, will be giving a lecture for an audience at the INI Gallery on November 23.

Let's imagine two friends at a bar. They are relaxed and in a good mood. One of them talks about a situation that happened in the office last week. Shortly before the punchline a friend of a
friend shows up to greet them. He is trying to catch up with the story. Suddenly they burst into laughter while he remains silent. They keep on laughing while he looks at them being lost and


Because he didn't get it. That's why. It's not a brain science to deduce that he doesn't know the context of the situation and details of the following story. There was some information lacking in the communication process. That is why he failed. I would like to use given situation as an example for typical communication clash. The one we can experience taking our steps to an art gallery.

I will try to sketch a scheme of an ideal art piece. An algorithm that should be first and foremost based on the rules of communication.
I'd like to incorporate a situation from my private life and shortly speaking make an art piece out of it.

Being more sympathetic to our friend I will try to develop a perspective of a regular viewer.
An ignorant.
An amateur.
An art enthusiast.

The whole process will be divided in four sessions, so called dialogs.

In each one of them my consciousness will be influenced by some kind of situation or a substance that is going to disturb the boring sobriety of everyday life.

Stay tuned!