David Lipka, Ph.D.

Vice-President for Student Affairs

David Lipka got a Ph.D. in economics from University of Economics, Prague (VSE). He worked at the department of institutional economics at VSE since 2006 and chaired the department from 2009. In 2013 he joined AAU as Dean of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy. From 2015 onwards he serves as Vice Provost for Student Affairs. Throughout his career he also worked as director for research at the oldest Czech Think Tank Liberální institute, where he currently presides over the board of trustees. He taught at universities in the Czech Republic, Italy, and China. Besides AAU he lectures for the International doctoral program in Institution, Economics, and Law and serves as a member of its academic board. His research interests are in Smithian political economy, economics and ethics, and philosophy of economics.


Smithian Political Economy, Economics and Ethics, Philosophy of Economics

courses taught

International Political Economy