As designated by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) AAU is the most international institution of higher education in the Czech Republic, a fact clearly represented by this year’s graduating class.

At the 2019 AAU Graduation Ceremony, altogether 45 nationalities were represented among the 140 new alumni. After Czech students with 24% of the class, the second largest amount of graduates came from Russia (14%), followed by Kazakhstan (12%) and the USA (9%). The other 41% hail from numerous different countries around the globe such as the Philippines, Poland, Iran, Nigeria, Ukraine and Mexico to name a few. 


As far as majors are concerned, the most popular among this year’s graduates were Business Administration with 22% of the graduating class obtaining a bachelor’s degree in this field followed closely by a historically popular program at AAU, International Relations with 21%. In third place with 17% of the degrees represented was the Business Administration: Marketing and Communications Emphasis. 


When asked how they were feeling on the day of the ceremony the expected emotions of excitement, nervousness and achievement were at the top of most graduates lists. While some felt an immense sense of accomplishment and relief to have completed such a momentous phase in their life, others expressed the nostalgia that came along with seeing all of their classmates they started their journey with coming together for one last time as an international AAU community. 

The graduates from the class of 2019 not only have diverse backgrounds but even more diverse interests and future plans. We asked a few AAU graduates what’s next for them after graduation. 

„I will continue my studies at Anglo-American University with the Business Law program provided by the University of London.“ Steven Wilson, Business Administration: Marketing and Communications Emphasis. 

„I think this new phase of my life is going to be great. Especially with the experience that I gained here and the people that I've met here. Actually here is where I found out what I would like to do, I realized I actually don't want to connect my life to marketing but instead I am going to pursue being a chef and open my own restaurant. So I went in a completely different direction but if I didn't come here I never would have learned the skills I need to do it or known these things about myself.“ Marria Vladimirovna Zhandarova, Business Administration: Marketing and Communications Emphasis. 

“I will actually be pursuing a Master in Management from VŠE " Mel Loetscher, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

„I plan on going to London to travel and after staying in the Czech Republic to work for another year before I return home to California.“ Logan Silverberg, Chapman MBA in Prague


Traveling, moving abroad, pursuing master's degrees or diving straight into the workforce were common among the many graduate outcomes in this year's graduating class. Whatever your future endeavours may be we wish you all the best of luck and send a big congratulations to the class of 2019!

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Publication date: July 01, 2019