Charlie Lamento, J.D.

Senior Lecturer, School of Business Administration, School of International Relations & Diplomacy

Lamento is an accomplished US lawyer, solicitor (England & Wales) and European lawyer (Czech Republic) devoted to the formation of public policy, training and education that will reinforce public justice systems to eliminate all forms of human trafficking.

Lamento has an extensive criminal law background that encompasses a former criminal prosecutor and investigator experienced in the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of complex crimes, including conducting criminal jury trials in the United States.

Lamento is the founder of Global Hope Network International’s Criminal Law Policy Center in Geneva Switzerland and GHNI’s United Nations Chief Representative for Vienna Austria, Geneva Switzerland and New York. Lamento is currently teaching International law at Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Lamento is also founding director of Lamento Advocates law firm, an international law firm based in Prague.


International law, International Criminal Law, EU Law, Human Trafficking Advocacy

courses taught

Busines Law, EU Law, Intl. Law

publications & other activities

  • Interview with Reflex magazine, July 10, 2014
  • “Human Trafficking –Exploring the issue in the Czech Republic”, April 3, 2013, David Creighton
  • United Nations - Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Joint Statement “Situation on the Rights of the Child in Argentina” Universal Periodic Review, 14th Session, 2012 “A Status
  • Report on U.S.- Led Worldwide Efforts To Combat Trafficking in Persons,” Michigan International Lawyer, Feb. 2011