Whether you are looking for the perfect internship or an awesome job, this workshop can help you land the spot you want! Brought to you in cooperation with GrowJob Institute and the European Development Agency.

The AAU Career Center would like to invite you to attend the Spring 2017 Career Development Workshop which will help you develop necessary job-search skills. 
The workshop will be organized by GrowJob Institute, an educational institute focused on the transfer of scientific knowledge into the everyday practice of companies and people's lives.

What are you going to learn? You will have a great opportunity to get some career development tips and hacks! Learn how to improve your CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and interviewing & assessment skills. You will be informed about job search techniques and AAU's Mentoring Program.

If you are interested in doing your internship abroad, come find out about Erasmus+ Work Placement opportunities and plan your internship for the next year. The European Development Agency an EU-wide network of experts in regional development, innovation, education, and evaluation based in Prague, will introduce you to the whole program and answer all of your questions as: When can you go? Where? For how long? How can you find the hosting organization? You might even hear stories from AAU students who actually had their internship abroad.

Space is limited so confirm your attendance by sending an email to iveta.moravkova@aauni.edu.

Completing this workshop is mandatory for those registered for the Internship course.