This workshop is for students and young professionals ( or recent graduates) to build or improve their LinkedIn profile. This means students at any point in their education, not just those graduating or soon to graduate.

Workshop Leader:
Mark Wiedorn, MBA, Senior Lecturer II, AAU

All students will need to do an internship before graduating and a professional looking LinkedIn profile will greatly improve your chances of a getting a valued internship. For those in the workforce, LinkedIn is your CV today. LinkedIn is your professional digital first impression: make it a good one!

Objective of Workshop:
Participants will begin to build the basic structure of a professional looking LinkedIn profile. Each section of the profile will be discussed and participants ill be given “tips” and suggestions to improve their profiles. This workshop will focus primarily on developing and building your profile. If there is further interest, future workshops will cover how to use LI to find jobs.

For the Workshop:
Participants need to have opened a LinkedIn account before workshop. Instructions will be provided to those attending. Students also need to bring a laptop to the workshop, (not a phone or tablet).

Much the worship will sent building the basic structure of your LinkedIn profile. Participants should bring a printed copy of their current CV, and fill out the profile questionnaire sent to them before workshop. This will facilitate the workshop.

Note that number of participants is limited to 20, participants must email to attend. 

A professional looking LinkedIn profile is essential today to find an internship or a job. Students often feel that they do not have enough relevant information and experience to have a LinkedIn profile. In fact, students do have any activities, course, projects, etc that can be used n building a professional profile. The workshop will be a “hands on” workshop and cover the following:

a) The Importance of Your Digital Profile:
We will briefly look at improving your professional digital presence. What are the components of a quality professional profile?

b) LinkedIn Profile :
The majority of workshop will be sent on your profile. We will cover each section of the profile and give tips and suggestions vfor each section. This will be the bulk of of your profile.

c) Using LinkedIn:
We will briefly conclude with other things you can do to build your presence on LinkedIn such as joining groups, posting, and building your enact base.

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