It has been called The Cape of Storms, The Mother City, and '||Hui!Gais'. Today, it's called Cape Town! Its rich natural geography has attracted many settlers to its shores, making it one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world. The Khoisan, the Zulu, the Dutch, the Malay and the British are just a few of the cultures that have called this place home.

Like many beautiful things, Cape Town comes with its own complications and struggles. This year's International Experience Project (IEP) will travel to Cape Town from mid-June to mid-July 2019 to assess these challenges, and take a look at the bold new directions in which the city is evolving. Examined under an academic lens, with a heavy focus on field research, the trip will explore the following themes through lectures, field trips, and student-lead interviews:

– Social entrepreneurship
 – Urban development 
 – Restorative justice & affirmative action
 – Top-down vs. grass-roots development 
 – Corporate social responsibility
 – Post-colonial nation building
 – Post-apartheid identity
 – Political corruption
 – Press-freedom

On Monday, November 26th from 17:30 in room 2.07, we will go over the content, requirements, structure, and logistics of this course. So, if you're curious about participating or simply would like to learn more about Cape Town, we encourage you to join. 

About the course:

The IEP is an accredited one month course that has been running since 2012. It gives students the perfect opportunity to taking on a new challenge, developing and applying their education internationally. Previous projects have traveled to Brazil, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

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