Build your network and give back to your alma mater/community!

The end of 2019 leads us to a fresh call for nominations for the 4th term of Alumni Council for 2020–21. Since 2014, AAU has had an Alumni Council to represent alumni interests and advise on improving the university.

Alumni Council is assembled of five alumni elected by the AAU Community which meet at least four times a year over their two-year term with the Alumni Specialist and other bodies of the university (ex. Career Center, faculty, development).

Participating as an Alumni Councillor is a great way to stay connected with the AAU Community, offers great networking opportunities and allows you to play a key role in improving and representing the interest of alumni as they relate to the AAU community. 

obrázek (Pictured: Various Alumni Councillors and Alumni enjoying the Annual AAU Ball)

Publication date: December 18, 2019