The AAU Library cordially invites you to a special screening of the short film "Accuse le silence de ma fuite/Blame the silence for my vanishing" (2018), directed and produced by AAU MA student, Valida Baba.

Accuse le silence de ma fuite/Blame the silence for my vanishing (2018) is an art-house short film, highlighting the lives of four characters facing the difficulties of communication, through language, photography, and emotion. Communication is one of the basic needs of humanity’s survival, yet one is not always successful in this area. The difficulty of communication appears when one possesses one’s own reality as the only reality and is not able to open doors within oneself for other worlds. The collapse of one’s own constructive world concatenates with other aspects of communication: ‘to let it go,’ ‘to hold on’ or ‘to destroy oneself.’
The film exposes how each character comprehends the unknown sounds of their heart which life prepared for them.

Director: Valida Baba
Writer: Valida Baba
Director of Photography: Liaman Khankishiyeva
Stars: Dzhannet Zhangalova, An Nguyen, Clara Kathleen Melniczuk
Producer: Valida Baba
Language: English, French with English subtitles
Length: 35 minutes

VALIDA BABA (1988) was born in Azerbaijan. She completed her BA in Business Administration at Azerbaijan State Economic University (Baku, 2010), Azerbaijan. In 2013, she was accepted into a Short Study Program in English at the Department of Photography at FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), Czech Republic. She studied at the Department of Documentary Photography by the atelier Viktor Kolář. She is currently a MA Student of Humanities at the Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic, and a freelancer in the art sector of Prague.