This exclusive small scale event will bring world leading experts to discuss the recent rise of populism in Europe and some other regions of the world. They will focus on main causes of this process, what predictions can we make and what precautions could be made in order to revert the possible bad scenarios.

Questions to be addressed:

What is populism? Why is it dangerous? How is different than/related to authoritarianism? What are some examples from Europe? From the States? Elsewhere?


  • James Kirchick, Author of the The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age (2017, Yale University Press).
  • Damir Marusic, Executive Editor of The American Interest 


  • Benjamin Cunningham, Lecturer, School of Journalism; Correspondent, The Economist

The event is open to the AAU Community. Please register here before Monday, February 19th if you will attend: