As it is AAU's mission to platform ideas, innovation and discussion for the greater community, we are excited to host a guest lecture to shed light on this increasingly apparent topic.

The world is becoming increasingly fast paced with more notifications alerting us and more alluring apps to help us be more efficient, but to what extent are we just conditioning ourselves to be more distracted? What does it actually mean to have ADHD?

Raised in the US, Simon Weissenberger is a lecturer at UNYP and a Ph.D. Candidate and researcher in Medical Psychology and Psychopathology at the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University with the primary focus of research on adult ADHD and time perception, as well learning more about ADHD in adults in this overconnected and short attention span age. This open lecture followed by discussion seeks to clarify the following topics; 

  • Clarifying ADHD as condition and breaking the stereotypes of symptoms, 
  • The misconceptions on the disorder and the stigma of treatment,
  • Non prescribed use of ADHD medications like Adderall and Ritalin,
  • Different cultural attitudes and recognition of ADHD,
  • Distractions of this day and age that are creating a widespread of ADHD symptoms,
  • Habits to make oneself more focused,

The event will be held in 2.07. All guests interested in this topic are welcome to join.
Event image credits: Daniel Zender, published in the New Yorker Magazine on June 16, 2015: