Welcome to Anglo-American University’s Housing Reference Guide! AAU is proud to offer its students the opportunity to live together with their classmates from different countries and cultures right in the heart of Prague. AAU’s housing is within 15 minutes of the AAU Campus in a lively district full of shopping opportunities, parks, and restaurants.


Located at Plzeňská 846/66, 150 00, Praha-Smíchov, AAU housing is brand new and provided through a partner institution. Construction including building renovations, brand new furnishings and utilities as well as common spaces and laundry facilities was completed in May of 2019 and is now available for students. 

Housing Office Opening Hours:

(Letenská 5, Room 1.05)

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 9 – 12

Wednesday: 9 – 12

Thursday: 9 – 12

Friday: 9 – 12


Our housing consists of 36 rooms located within the same building. The breakdown of the housing options is as follows:

  • 2 single rooms

  • 31 double rooms

  • 3 triple rooms

The housing includes:

  • Furniture (bed with mattress, pillow, and duvet, set of bed linen, desk, chair, wardrobe with the following dimensions: 80cm/60cm/200cm, 4 hangers) Note: towels are not included.

  • obrázek Shared kitchen (plates, bowls, glasses, pans and pots, kitchen towel, kettle, glass stovetop)

  • Internet (200 Mbps optical fiber, Wi-Fi)

  • Laundry accessibility, self-service for 80 kc per load. Fee includes washing and drying

  • General cleaning and maintenance of common areas
  • Cleaning of individual rooms and changing of sheets twice per month

The building is staffed 24 hours a day with a security guard and a receptionist.

Reception Contact Number: +420 778 429 802


Students can choose to reside in a single, double or triple room. Accommodation is only offered for the full Fall (September – January) or Spring (February – June) term, or for the entire academic year. If the capacity allows, students can also be accommodated in the Winter and/or Summer term as well. For more information, please email housing@aauni.edu.

Pricing is as follows:

Price per Semester Price per year
Single CZK 70,000 CZK 140,000
Double CZK 55,000 CZK 110,000
Triple CZK 45,000 CZK 90,000

Housing costs include: utilities and government fees, cleaning and twice per month sheet changes.

The prices do not include a refundable security deposit: CZK 12,000 


The Housing Fee is due according to the payment schedule below and must be paid in full before the check-in date. Payment is not accepted at check-in.

AAU charges a reservation deposit of CZK 11,000. The deposit is non-refundable. This deposit reserves a place in AAU Housing and will be credited against the final housing cost.  

The previously mentioned security deposit of CZK 12,000 is refundable, provided no damage is done to the room.

Fall semester 2019 Spring semester 2020
Reservation deposit May 31 October 31
½ of the term’s accommodation price due June 27 November 30
½ of the term’s accommodation price and a refundable security deposit due August 19 January 22


Fall semester 2019 Spring semester 2020
Check-in August 26–27 January 29
Check-out January 27 June 19

REFUNDS (Policy effective as of January 1, 2020)

Cancellation of reservation 60 days prior to check-in date:  

  • 100% refund of paid rent minus 11,000 reservation deposit

Cancellation of reservation 30 days prior to check-in date:

  • 50% refund of paid rent minus 11,000 reservation deposit

Cancellation of reservation 0–29 days prior to reservation date:

  • 0% refund

Cancellation or postponement due to visa problems:

  • Students must provide evidence of reasonable efforts to apply for the visa in a timely way, and notify AAU in writing of delays or denials.
  • VISA DELAY:  Students who have paid at least 50% of the rent and are unable to attend for the planned semester due to visa problems may ask to be placed on a wait list by notifying AAU Housing in writing at least 30 days prior to check-in date. Housing fees already paid will be fully refunded (including the deposit) if there is no capacity in AAU housing. In such an occasion AAU will help the student find alternative accommodation.

  • VISA DENIAL:  Housing fees already paid will be refunded (minus the non-refundable deposit) should the visa be denied and AAU has been informed at least 30 days prior to check-in date. Letter from embassy or consulate detailing the visa denial must be provided in order to consider a request.

  • Students who do not receive their visa and do not notify AAU housing at least 30 days prior to move-in date will receive no refund.




PLEASE NOTE: Housing options for the 2020/20201 academic year will be available in January 2020. Additionally housing confirmation for visa purposes will not be available until new housing options are opened in January 2020. 

For more information or to be put on a waiting list please contact housing@aauni.edu

obrázek obrázek


Applying and Payment

How do I apply?

  • Once you are admitted, along with your acceptance letter, the Admissions Office will send you the link to the registration form for accommodation. The link is also above.

How quickly should I complete the online application form for housing? 

  • As soon as you are admitted. Capacity is limited and rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Housing is not guaranteed. 

For how long can I rent a student room through Anglo-American University?

  • You can rent a room for one semester or the full academic year.

What if I do not receive my student visa?

  • Students who have paid at least 50% of the rent and face visa problems may ask to be placed on a waitlist by August 11th (for the Fall term 2019) or December 20th (for the Spring term 2020). Students on a waitlist will be refunded (minus the non-refundable deposit) should their visa be denied. They will be fully refunded (including the deposit) if the capacity of the dorms does not allow AAU to offer them accommodation. In such an occasion AAU will help them find alternative accommodation.

How will I know that you have received my payment?

  • You will receive confirmation via email by the housing coordinator. 

Will you provide a housing confirmation for visa purposes?

  • Yes, the confirmation will be sent to you via DHL unless otherwise requested.

When do I sign the accommodation contract?

  • You will sign the accommodation contract during a check-in at the reception or at the Student Services Center. The accommodation contract will be issued in both Czech and English.

Who should I contact for more information regarding housing?


What should I bring with me?

  • The room and the kitchen have the following items: a bed and mattress,  a pillow and duvet, a set of bed linen, a desk and chair, 80cm/60cm/200cm wardrobe, lamp, hangers, plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery, one pan per 2 people, one pot per 2 people, one kitchen towel per 2 people,

  •  Blinds, wifi, electric kettle, and a glass stovetop.

  • You will need to provide your own towels, bathroom rug, and any other decorations to make your room feel like home. 

Will I have a private bathroom?  obrázek

  • Your bathroom will be shared with your roommate(s), but not the entire floor.

How many students live in one room? 

  • We offer single, double, and triple rooms. We have more double rooms than single or triple rooms, so you will most likely be in a room with one other person. 

Can I share the accommodation with my partner or friend? 

  • You can, but you must both request the other person. It is not guaranteed that you will live with your requested person, but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

 obrázekIs a kitchen provided? If yes, is it shared?

  • A kitchen is provided and it is shared, however, the amount of people you will be sharing it with depends on your room type. 21 double rooms have private kitchens. 4 double rooms have a kitchen shared between two rooms (4 people per kitchen). 5 rooms have a kitchen shared between 5 people (one triple and one double share, one triple and two singles share).  3 rooms share one kitchen (totaling six people) and 3 other rooms share another kitchen (totaling 7 people).

Can I hang pictures?

  • You cannot put holes in the wall, though posters and/or other lightweight wall hangings that are put up with tape or sticky tack are acceptable.

Can I paint my room?

  • No, no changes can be made to the overall integrity of the building.

How many people live in the building?

  • The building consists of two buildings put together with a common courtyard. AAU has use of all of building A, and floors one and five of building B. We offer 73 beds in the combined buildings.

  • How fast is the wifi connection?

    • 200 Mbps optical fiber, Wi-Fi.

How far away from the University is the housing?

  • The residence hall is 15 minutes away by tram, 35 minutes away on foot.

picture How can I get to the AAU Campus?

  • You can use tram number 15. It is a direct line from the residence hall to AAU’s campus. The journey takes 15 minutes. Also, from AAU’s dormitory, you can get to the Anděl station with the following trams: 9, 10. 15, 16. From Anděl to AAU’s campus you can also take the 12, 15, or 20.

How will I be matched with my roommate?

  • You will fill out a questionnaire and your answers will be used to match you with the most compatible person.

Is AC provided?

  • No, most buildings in the city do not have AC and instead rely on fans for the few months a year when heat is an issue.

Can I remove the furniture that I do not want/need?

  • No, the furniture must remain in the room; however, the arrangement of the furniture can be changed.

Will I need curtains?

  • Blinds are included. You can bring curtains, however, you cannot drill holes in the wall or make any similar adjustments.

Are the beds bunked?

  • No, the beds are separated. obrázek

What if I lose my key?

  • You can visit the reception desk and they will make a new key for you for a small fee.

What happens if I lock myself out of my room?

  • Please visit the reception desk.

Are the rooms co-ed? 

  • The rooms are gender separated.

How do I report a room maintenance problem?

  • For any problems which require maintenance please contact the reception desk.

What is the surrounding area like?

  • Within a 2 minute walk you will find 24 hour convenience/grocery stores, a pharmacy, restaurants, (including an NGO run by an AAU Alumnus- Cooks Without Homes), pubs, and even a laser game. 2 minutes by tram you will also find one of Prague’s largest shopping centers, Nový Smíchov that offers food, shopping, a cinema and access to Metro B.


Will you pick me up at the airport/train or bus station upon arrival?

  • AAU does not offer pick-up service; however, Prague is very well connected and the airport has access to public transportation. Prague’s international airport Vaclav Havel Airport is located 12 km west of the city center. You can take bus number 100 to the metro station Zličín, which is in the yellow line. From Zličín you will take the metro 9 stops to Anděl, in the direction of Černý Most. From Anděl you can take tram 9, 10, or 16, as AAU’s dormitory is located only one stop away from Anděl. AAU’s dormitory is located at the Bertramka tram station.

Where can I get my key?

  • The key can be picked up during check-in at reception.


Are pets allowed?

  • No, pets are not allowed.

Can I stay in the dormitory during break periods?

  • Yes, you can stay in the dormitory during the break periods as long as it falls within the period that you have rented the room.

Where will I get my mail?

  • Reception at the housing building.

Will AAU replace my personal property if it is lost or stolen?

  • AAU will assume no legal responsibility for missing or stolen goods/items. Students are responsible for their personal belongings.

What is the reservation deposit payment?

  • The reservation deposit is the amount of money that goes toward reserving your room prior to your arrival. It will be credited toward the final month’s rent.