Anglo-American University (AAU) has been designated by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) as the most international institution of higher education in the Czech Republic a fact that was confirmed by the composition of this year’s graduating class.

At the AAU Graduation Ceremony 2018, altogether 34 nationalities are represented among the 132 new alumni. After Czech students (29%), the greatest amount of graduates are from Russia (12%), Kazakhstan (9%),  the USA (8%) and 42% of students come from other different countries around the world.

Where majors are concerned, the most popular among this year’s graduates was Business Administration. 42% of the graduating students obtained a bachelor’s degree in this field. The second most favorite among bachelor’s students was International Relations (16%). This major was the most popular among those who obtained a master’s degree (11%).


The graduates from the class of 2018 not only have diverse backgrounds but diverse futures as well. We asked a few AAU graduates from the Class of 2018 what’s next for them after graduation.

“I have grown to love the international environment at AAU and that is why I have decided to obtain a master's degree in one of the most international cities – Amsterdam. There I will enrich the historical and theoretical foundations I have received in the Visual Art Studies programme by studying contemporary art and media at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.” – Markéta Hrehorová, Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art Studies

“After an internship at a Norwegian embassy, I got to know the work of the Norwegian Seafood Council. I applied for a position while writing my thesis, and what do you know, just a few days before I was to have my state exams, I was offered a position in their head office in Tromsø! At the 69th parallel north, on the same latitude as Northern Canada and Alaska, I will dive into the world of global seafood consumption, working out individual marketing strategies for every country, researching access to new markets, and spreading information about the benefits of eating more Norwegian seafood. I am very excited about the direction that my life is taking, and thrilled to be starting my career at such a prestigious workplace as the Seafood Council. And I am thoroughly convinced that hadn’t it been for the knowledgeable lecturers, helpful staff and personal follow-up that I received when studying at AAU, I would not have the grades that I have today, I would not have the self-esteem that I have today, and I would not have the ambition and desire to achieve success that I have today.” – Knut Marius Uddu Skjerve, Master's Degree in International Relations

“I’m actually moving to England to pursue work opportunities there, no concrete plans yet but life isn’t concrete so I’m sure I will figure it out!” Rita Pinja Elina Puhto, Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications

“My plans for after graduation are set because I actually have a job here in Prague, I work as an event and marketing coordinator in a gallery. During my studies I tried to focus mostly on art so I’m very happy that I finally found a job which I really like.” – Andrej Bartik, Master’s Degree in Humanities

Congratulations class of 2018! We wish you success in all your future endeavors! Check out this video we made exclusively for you.





Publication date: July 02, 2018